What are the main factors affecting the price of festive decorative lights?


Perhaps we all know that the factors that affect the price of festive decorative lights include specifications, workmanship, brand, appearance, etc., but we do not know where these factors affect the price of festive decorative lights?

1.Cost: for LED decorative lamp manufacturers, the cost must be the main factor affecting the price. The cost is the sum of the components of the festival decorative lamp, generally including LED light source, electrical components, signal lamp controller, signal lamp pole and auxiliary materials and wires. The cost of each part determines the street lamp price.

2. Driving problem: is the driving circuit constant voltage or constant current? If constant current is used, what kind of constant current circuit is used? Stability and reliability, etc. Some low-end LED lamps and lanterns use low-cost LED drivers, and they will flash once in a few months or even days. This is caused by the use of low-quality driving power. Of course, the price of such low-quality holiday decorative lamps is relatively low.

3. Progress in science and technology: with the continuous progress of science and technology, the price of controllers for pure electronic product components will definitely be reduced, thus lowering the price of festive decorative lights. Of course, the price of other components will be reduced with the breakthrough of new technology.

4. Different materials of trial products: different manufacturers of festival decorative lamps have different materials of trial products. It is common to see price difference due to different cost and quality of raw materials.


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