Holiday LED decorative lights are smaller for modeling lamps


Lighting design is not only the consumable of time representative layer, but also the basis of different "lighting culture" in different places on the earth. Lighting designers of decorative lamp manufacturers should be familiar with this principle and use lighting to create a "comfortable" environment. At that time, the lighting designer realized that the buildings in Ginza were lighter than other buildings, so he decided to adopt the idea of "everyone is light, I am dark". Give up the bright color of LED and only use black and white.

The festival decorative lights, sculpture sketches and signs under the guidance of the garden are decorative in one category and commemorative in the other. Lighting should be based on the properties of the sculpture, especially important parts such as head, appearance, material, color and surrounding environment. The side shall protrude from top to bottom and shall not be uniformly irradiated from the front. Powerful 3D lighting effect. The narrow beam lighting equipment of festive decorative lamps shall select appropriate light source to avoid the sight of visitors and glare.

There is no mandatory display for the general 70 watt electric appliance of festive decorative lights. Although the power factor of a single power source is very low, the impact on the power grid is small. However, in the evening, our light is insufficient, and the same load is too concentrated, and the power grid will cause more pollution. For smaller LED power supplies used to model luminaires, there may be some aspects of power factor requirements in the near future. If there is a problem, we can repair it in time. It also has a great impact on social development and progress. The modeling lamp can ensure its own working characteristics, ensure the lighting efficiency during work, and illuminate in the required lighting area. The effect has been greatly improved. It is precisely because of this advantage that the modeling lamp has better energy-saving characteristics in use and is used more frequently in life.


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