What are the skills of decorating with festive lights


What are the skills of decorating with festive lights? Inductive ballasts shall be avoided as far as possible. The flicker of light, like the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp of the commonly used magnetic ballast, produces 100 light and dark changes per second. Working in this light environment for a long time, people's eyes are prone to fatigue, resulting in myopia.

Selection of fiber-optic star ceiling materials of modeling lamp manufacturers in theater decoration, polyester fiber sound-absorbing board is usually used as ceiling material. The advantages are as follows: 1. The optical fiber is easy to wear; Free cutting chamfer, can splice different shapes; 3. Good sound absorption performance; 4. Multiple colors can be selected without post-processing; 5. Environmental protection.

Optical fiber size and quantity configuration: according to the length width ratio of the installation room, a considerable number of optical fibers shall be configured, and the number of optical fibers with different lengths and diameters shall be reasonably distributed. Too dense or too sparse will lead to unsatisfactory final results. When threading the optical fiber, the shorter optical fiber is threaded at a position close to the light source unit, and the longer optical fiber is threaded at a position far from the light source unit.

For example, 1 meter of optical fiber is inserted near the light source machine, and then 1.5 meters and 2 meters of optical fiber are inserted. Fibers with different diameters are distributed among them, and super bright stars, bright stars and micro bright stars present a realistic starry night sky. Starlight flickers, so that different colors appear alternately, or you can locate a certain color.


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