Pay attention to the connection distance of holiday decorative lights


Pay attention to the connection distance of holiday decorative lights: Generally speaking, the connection distance of holiday decorative lights of holiday decorative lights series is 20 meters, and the connection distance of 5050 series holiday decorative lights is 15 meters. If the connection distance is exceeded, it is easy to heat, which will affect the service life during use. The glass tube can be colorless or colored, and the inner wall can also be coated with phosphor.

Power connection mode: the general voltage of LED light strip is DC 12V, and switching power supply is required. The size of the power supply is determined according to the power and connection length of the LED light strip. If you don't want each LED light band to be controlled by a power supply, you can buy a switching power supply with relatively high power as the main power supply, and then connect all LED light bands in parallel with the input power supply (if the wire diameter is not enough, it can be extended separately), which is unified by the main switching power supply.

The outline of the city during the day is defined by the shape, color and shadow of the edge of the building. At night, the festival lights of the city clearly outline the outline of the city, making it different from the surrounding areas. Looking at the city from a high place at night, the silhouette is complete and clear, which intuitively reflects the shape and scale of the city. The lamp tube is partially vacuumized and filled with one or more inert gases such as neon, argon, helium, etc., or a small amount of mercury.

Festival decorative lamp lighting project according to the color of tubular glass, the nature of phosphor and the filled gas, you can get a variety of festival lights with different light colors. Copper electrodes are installed at both ends of the glass tubes for festival decoration, and their surfaces are chemically treated to prevent corrosion. The wires led out by the electrode and power supply are called leads, which are required to have basically the same thermal expansion characteristics as glass. In order to prevent glass from cracking, nickel alloy is generally used.


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