Holiday Decorative lights are becoming more and more popular


The lights of festival decoration are pure white, elegant, or jumping and changing, colorful, rotating, and sparkling. The shape is elegant, unique, meaningful, similar to mascots, imitating specific scenes or reflecting local cultural characteristics. The lighting function of landscape lighting depends on the display requirements. In order to obtain the light source selection of outdoor holiday decorative lamps, three primary color energy-saving lamps and LED lamps are usually used.

The impact of water quality on holiday decorative lights, on the other hand, is the impact of LED's own use of materials and waterproof technology. The general service life of holiday decorative lights is more than 50000 hours. Failure to take good anti-corrosion measures will inevitably greatly reduce the service life of holiday decorative lights.

Even if the shell is corroded internally, the water in the lamp shell will not affect the circuit, but we must not forget the function of the holiday decorative lamp itself (aesthetics and lighting). The actual use effect of the holiday decorative lamp will be greatly reduced by the water in the holiday decorative lamp.

Festival lamp manufacturers' festival decorative lamps this series of lighting is a combination of sound, light and electricity. Its structure and form are more diverse, so it is also an organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening. In a sense, it is also the perfect crystallization of light and shadow, lamp and art. It is widely used in some garden scenic spots, cultural and leisure entertainment squares and large social activity places in the city, and it is also an essential configuration form of decorative light sources. It can also be used as decorative lighting products.


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