Factors affecting the quality of Christmas lights


The quality of Christmas lights is determined by the quality of each component of Christmas lights. So when we choose Christmas lights, we also need to see whether the brand of Christmas lights has a good reputation. Before we judge the quality of a product brand, we need to have a detailed understanding of the factors that affect the quality of the product in advance.

Today, many people still use one type of incandescent Christmas lights. They are much smaller, but more efficient, and not too hot. But now we have another lighting option, LED or LED. The LED is different from incandescence in that it does not use high filament temperature to create light. On the contrary, when electrons convert energy inside the device, they will produce diodes.

Whether in parallel or in series, as long as the operating current of the Christmas lamp manufacturer is the same, the brightness is the same. For example, when the power supply is 12V, series and parallel circuits are generally used. When the power supply is 3.6V, the parallel circuit must be used to ensure the normal operation of the LED. The working current of LED is the key to brightness.

The first thing that affects our judgment on the quality of Christmas lights is the brightness of bulb lights. Because one of the biggest characteristics of Christmas lights is environmental protection and energy saving, and there is no ultraviolet radiation, it is the safest and best lighting product for human body. Its brightness and color are also specially designed. The luminous brightness of a good Christmas lamp will not stimulate the eyes and bring a relaxed feeling. So when we choose, we can first feel the brightness of its bulb lamp,

Second, the product has strong antistatic ability. The stronger the antistatic ability of the product, the better the product. When we understand each product, we can make a simple comparison of the antistatic ability of each brand's products. Of course, we need to make a comparison at the same price level, so as to better reflect the cost performance of the brand.


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